Dunn, N.C. — June 16, 2022 – Every day, all day, we rely on trust. To go to the bank, we trust our car will start and carry us safely there, that other drivers will stay in their lanes, that the bank will still have every penny of our money.

Yet money can lose value. Cars can be recalled. Institutions formerly trusted like police, government, religion, and law are now seen to be flawed and levels of trust are eroding.

You get the idea.

Trust is still a basic element of human relationships and cultures worldwide. All of humanity still chooses to trust certain realities and truths, often without really thinking about it.

Social scientists actually study people’s attitudes and beliefs about trust because it is critical in making societies and systems work, or as they put it, “trust is a …key contributor to sustaining well-being outcomes including economic development.” *

Their studies also reveal that different cultures place differing amounts of trust in government, medicine, business, law enforcement, even other people.  And these differing trust levels can enormously impact not only a country’s economy but even acceptance of new technology and medical advancements.*  

Noted author and international speaker Abner Suarez puts it another way, saying “what and who we trust defines our world.”

We long to trust the institutions on which we rely as well as people we love. But these institutions and people will all fail us at some point.

Only God is consistently faithful and trustworthy – and in Scripture, God urges Christians to trust him.

But what does that really mean? And why is it important?

“What we trust compels us to choose one direction or task over another,” Suarez notes.

In his new book, Trust: God’s Unseen Power to Change the World, Suarez takes a fresh, candidly honest look at the topic of trust – in terms of trusting God. He calls out Christians to live truly trusting God.

Suarez declares that while Christians will acknowledge intellectually the need to trust God, they don’t always live out their faith rooted in a deep trust in God. In his latest book, he seeks to help Christians grow in their ability to trust God.

He starts by first illustrating through Biblical references how faith and trust are really synonymous.

He then provides practical keys and helpful encouragement for ways we can increase our faith and trust in the One who is supremely trustworthy.

“We were created in trust God; when we do, we walk in peace and our faith, or trust, grows even deeper,” he says. “Jesus’ emphasis in His teaching on trust was the key to walking in the life God desires for all of humanity.”

Suarez starts in the Garden, reminding us of God’s desired relationship with man and woman. He then cites  numerous passages in the Gospels where Jesus calls people to trust in God and trust in Him.

The perfect life of faith is defined for humanity in the Gospels through the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, Suarez demonstrates. Jesus modeled God’s divine design for humanity by expressing a lifestyle of faith without any flaws.

“Trusting God ushers us into the life we were meant to enjoy and the only one in which we can reach our potential, fulfill our calling and find the deepest possible level of personal satisfaction all at the same time,” he explains.

He includes a detailed look at David’s faith as demonstrated when he faced Goliath, reminding us that David’s faith led to the victory God had promised and commenting that “history is shaped by those who choose to have their belief system defined, not by what they see, but by what God has declared to be true.”

He concludes with this:

“A life of great faith is not a destination but a continuous journey, during which we are in jeopardy of not attaining to great faith if we ever believe we have arrived. It’s a choice to surrender one’s mind, will, and emotions to Jesus on a daily basis. “

Suarez travels throughout the United States and internationally as a teacher and prophetic voice. His ministry, For Such a Time as this, seeks to “Equip reformers to display the brilliance of God.” He has recently begun writing in addition to his speaking.

Trust: God’s Unseen Power to Change the World is Suarez’ second book. A separate study guide and facilitators guide are also available for use in group settings.

To learn more about the ministry and ways to participate in it, as well as see Suarez’ speaking schedule, visit the website, https://www.abnersuarez.com/. This book as well as well as his first book, Creation Reborn, and group study guides for both are also available there to order.

Trust: God’s Unseen Power to Change the World [ISBN: 978-1-95149 2-38-0, $15.99] is a recent release from HigherLife Publishing and Marketing, a Florida-based publishing, marketing and branding firm that serves individuals, ministries and organizations who have a positive, life-giving message to share.

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* Information on studies on trust from https://ourworldindata.org/trust