TechSafe@Home provides trustworthy guidance for parents about navigating challenges of the internet


CINCINNATI – June 21, 2015 — By age 5, half of American kids are online every day.


By age 18, 93% of boys and 62% of girls have been exposed to internet porn, and teens ages 12-17 are the largest consumers of internet pornography.


Many teens admit their parents don’t really know what they are doing online, and even parents careful to monitor their kids’ computer use probably don’t know teens average sending 34 more texts a night after mom and dad have turned in for the night.


What are these kids doing? What dangers are they exposed to?


Today, more than ever, parents are struggling to protect their family from internet dangers, while at the same time applauding the benefits of technology.



What can families do about this?


A Cincinnati-based father who is also an IT and web entrepreneur has some ideas.



“The complexity of internet threats is growing exponentially as more of our everyday lives are intersecting with Internet technologies,” said Chris Blair, president of eBlair Solutions and founder of TechSafe@Home, a new organization to help parents.



“The bad guys are using these technologies to attack and destroy real families. Not only are parents tasked with protecting their kids but they need to do so in a way that keeps communication channels open, preserves relationships, and establishes a healthy model that our kids can build on when they have families of their own.



“The challenge isn’t a lack of resources,” Blair added, “There are many great resources available. But most parents need help figuring out a plan for using these resources in a way that protects and equips our kids.”



TechSafe@Home is about helping parents understand the issues, build a strategy, and then identify the best products to protect and equip their families to thrive in a digital world.



The just-launched consulting group provides training seminars for churches and community groups, as well as providing one-on-one advice to individual families. Blair blogs on the subject and welcomes questions from families about how to make the best decisions.



TechSafe’s expertise has grown out of Blair’s professional and personal life. A web developer, computer programmer, and IT consultant who has run his own IT and Web consulting firm for 15 years, Blair and his wife Pam have faced these issues while raising their growing family. They have five kids, with three still at home, and are now adopting a sixth child.



To meet Chris or for more information on TechSafe@Home, visit, or call 513-685-4488.



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