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T-H-B: Book One of The Coded Message Trilogy

by Randy Dockens


PHILADELPHIA – August 24, 2017 — Can a scientist offer insight into faith? Some Christians view science with suspicion and fear, but pharmaceutical scientist Dr. Randy Dockens believes science can help us better understand God.

As they delve into the microcosms of the tiniest particles, as well as the enormity of space, scientists do see the world a little differently than the rest of us. Yet in that complexity of study, many scientists see the hand of a creator and do not find the same dichotomy between science and faith that others do.

Holding both a PhD in pharmaceutics and a second in Biblical studies, Dockens is uniquely qualified to challenge people to consider both the science-faith tension and also the question of whether there is a creator, and if so, what are we going to do in response?

He tackles this creatively in story in his forthcoming book, T-H-B: Book One of The Coded Message Trilogy, that releases September 1.

Starting in the late 20th century, the series takes readers to a seemingly peaceful future world, but one that has abolished faith in anything outside of man.

Book one takes us to 2089 when an astrophysicist who is preparing for a Mars mission discovers life isn’t as it appears, and risks everything to seek truth, even though living in a world that knows nothing of its creator. His accidental discovery of a world secret plunges him and his friends into a covert adventure of discovery and intrigue. The fast-paced story, with appealing characters and even a bit of romance, moves from Houston to Paris and Hong Kong as the mystery unfolds.

“As a writer, in this trilogy I’m exploring what the world might be if mankind decided to try to create a one-world utopia,” Dockens explains. “But it doesn’t work so well.”

“The reader, along with the characters, begins to grapple with the question of who God is and then the question what are you going to do in response to that, and how do you integrate that truth into your life?”

“And I think that’s the same decision everyone needs to make,” he concluded.

In his professional life, Dockens is a leader in research for a major American pharmaceutical company and has worked internationally with colleagues on drug research. He holds a PhD in pharmaceutics from Auburn University and a second doctorate in Biblical prophecy from Louisiana Baptist University. He and his family live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in the greater Philadelphia area.

T-H-B: Book One of the Coded Message Trilogy solves one mystery but leads right into another one.

The second book in the series, F-S-H-S: Book Two of The Coded Message Trilogy, is planned for release in June 2018, followed in September 2018 by the third and final book, T-U-L-E: Book Three of The Coded Message Trilogy.

T-H-B: Book One of The Coded Message Trilogy [ISBN: 978-1-942587-89-7, $14.99] releases September 1 from Clovercroft Publishing, an imprint of Carpenter’s Son Publishing. It is available from online retailers and selected book stores. For more information, visit

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Amazing how a small choice can change your life forever. Luke feels he has his dream job being an astrophysicist at the Houston Aerospace Engineering Center preparing for the upcoming Mars mission. He even has a blooming romance with Sarah, a physician where he works. Life in 2089 is good—couldn’t be better. Until … until he makes that fateful choice. The decision to pick up that small piece of paper containing three simple letters plunges him into a conspiracy, forces him to face the world as he never knew it to be. He discovers he—everyone–is being manipulated by an elite few. Does he dare try to face the answers to the questions life is now throwing at him? Or does he blissfully ignore reality and go back to his fantasy world? He chooses to face the answers, and every direction he turns points him to T-H-B. What is the well-kept secret? Is it the answer, the truth, which he seeks? Will finding it bring clarity to his life and the right path for his future? Or will it make him an enemy to the entire world?


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