Losing Her, Finding Me

By Michelle Rohlf

PHOENIX, ARIZONA — September 22, 2022 — How does a mother who put her entire identity into her baby the moment she came into the world find herself again when, years later, her grown child cuts all ties?

Michelle Rohlf’s unwanted estrangement from her daughter Naomi strips her of everything . . . her grandchildren, her peace of mind, and most of all, herself. In spite of her broken heart and broken spirit, she embarks on a three-year journey of healing and forgiveness, discovering the impact her own upbringing had on her attachment to her daughter. But just as Michelle learns that her life isn’t over because her daughter walked away, Naomi shows up again, without apology or explanation.

Much to Michelle’s surprise, this reappearance challenges her own recovery from codependency. She finds herself in a struggle to hold on to the sense of self she fought so hard to gain. This is the story of a woman who had to lose her daughter in order to find the identity she’d never really had.

If you are a parent who has become estranged from your child, there is hope. You are not alone in this journey of rejection. The first step toward healing is to work on yourself. Find your own life apart from your child, because you are valuable and the world needs you.


Michelle Rohlf has spent a lifetime focusing on relationships and encouraging others to cultivate their own healthy relationships. She speaks at retreats, women’s meetings, and Bible Studies. She has a passion for mentoring and discipleship, whether it be one on one or in small groups. Married to a wonderful, supportive man since 1995, Michelle resides in Phoenix, Arizona. She has two daughters, two grandsons, and two small, fluffy dogs. Losing Her, Finding Me is her first book.

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Suggested Interview Questions:

  1. You are very candid about the difficulties you and your daughter went through over the years. How is your relationship now?
  2. For readers struggling with a difficult parent-child relationship, how will Losing Her, Finding Me encourage them?
  3. Did writing the book offer any outlet or personal therapy for you?
  4. How does your daughter feel about the book? Is it difficult for her to have her struggles depicted in print?
  5. For readers struggling to heal from childhood wounds, how will your book encourage and help them?
  6. Was it a difficult decision to open up about your life in such a personal way?
  7. Are there any details in the book that you had forgotten until you began the process of writing your story?
  8. How did you handle writing about negative, deeply personal things involving loved ones?
  9. How did the process of writing this book impact your relationships with the people you write about?

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