PHOENIX – Feb. 2, 2024 –Julie Castro, Executive Producer, Director and Screenwriter for “I am Life,” will attend the National Religious Broadcasters Convention 2024 Feb. 20-23 to seek partners to help publicize “I am Life,” an innovative movie project set to release later this year.

Taglined “Wonderment in the Womb,” the movie celebrates the development of the child in the womb, depicting it symbolically through dance, music and spoken word.

“There’s really nothing else like it,” Castro said. “We don’t fit any genre of movie, but people who have seen clips are blown away by the creativity.”

“We are in the editing phase now, and seeking others who share our commitment to life to help promote and facilitate distribution of the movie,” she added.

To connect with Julie at NRB, please email or call or text 520.440.5792 to schedule an interview, or for more information about assisting with post-production and distribution.


“I am Life” celebrates the first 40 weeks of life through the arts using pioneering concepts that are unique to the film industry. The life lessons between the child and God conveys a message that helps to answer the question, “Is there really an intended plan and purpose for each life?” This compelling question is answered through artistic dance and dialogue that explains God’s intended purpose for the child, His unique creation. These points are further highlighted through individual interviews with those who have had to answer this question for themselves. The film culminates in celebratory cheering by the outside world which the child enthusiastically anticipates! The audience is led to contemplate for themselves the wonderment in the womb, and God’s planned purpose that makes each life precious. 


There are numerous opportunities to help facilitate production, distribution, and publicity efforts. For more information, go to


“Thirst No More and Bear Fruit” was the title of the monthly program Julie produced that for five years aired on public access stations across America. Julie also owns Fiesta Publishing, a company that partially funds this movie and its future productions. Julie Castro is a Certified Production Assistant through the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA). Her life’s work is to produce and publish content that reaches the hearts and minds of viewers and readers.

To contact Julie, email or call or text 520-440-5792 to schedule an interview, or for more information about assisting with post-production and distribution.