Experts to help improve life: wisdom on marriage, teaching kids, science and religion, and God’s grace


CINCINNATI – June 22, 2017 – Buoyancy Public Relations will welcome a slate of experts coming in from all over the nation to attend CBA’s UNITE 17 next week in Cincinnati Tuesday-Friday, June 27-30 downtown at the Duke Energy Convention Center who will all be available for interviews during the show.

All authors of books or series, the experts coming to the largest American Christian book and product trade show (formerly known as ICRS, the International Christian Retail Show) include:

  • Reginald and Renea Morris, authors of Resurrect Your Dead Marriage. The Ohio couple’s own marriage has survived 3 separations and a contested divorce. Happily married and going strong, the authors wrote Resurrect Your Dead Marriage and have launched a ministry to share what they learned and the 30 biblical principles that connect troubled couples with the uncompromising transformative work that God can’t wait to do for marriages. They share hurts, mistakes and what they discovered so that others can leverage these same principles and get these same Christ-led results working for them. Their ministry offers hope and support for couples but also for the church in its vital role to help couples bring glory to God through their marriages.


  • Todd and Jackie Courtney, creators of the Inspirational Nursery Rhymes/Max Rhymes series of board books for preschoolers that takes seriously the fact that 95% of what we learn in our behavior is learned before age seven. Coupling what they know of brain science with elementary school teaching experience, northern California natives developed books that feature easy-to-remember rhymes that seek to bring traditional values back, teaching about God, morals and manners, while aiming also to help kids create a positive self-image. The newest in the series, Max and Molly Learn their Manners, joins four other titles, such as Max Gives Thanks to God.


  • Randy Dockens, author of T-H-B: Book One of The Coded Message Trilogy, a pharmaceutical scientist from Pennsylvania who is launching a new science fiction trilogy that challenges people to think about faith. Dr. Dockens, who holds a second PhD in Biblical studies, explores the science-faith tension creatively in story, launching an exciting trilogy set in 2089, where an astrophysicist preparing for a Mars mission discovers life isn’t as it appears, and risks everything to seek truth, even though living in a world that knows nothing of its creator.


  • William Combs, author of Who Told You That You Were Naked? A Refreshing Reexamination of the Garden of Eden, sees innocence and good intentions gone wrong and finds fresh ways to look at sin and grace and knowing we are, outside of Christ, indeed naked. Dr. Combs, who grew up in Alaska and now lives in the state of Washington, says deep down everyone seeks to overcome their feelings of inadequacy —feeling naked — and traces this to when gaining the knowledge of good and evil brought awareness of being incomplete. Could this contribute to the apparent epidemic of Americans feeling sadness and disappointment – with more than 40 million diagnosed with disorders like depression and anxiety?

All the authors and book projects are available for interview during the show, as well as afterwards. Press kits and sample books are available to the media as well.

Buoyancy PR is a boutique PR firm based in the Cincinnati-area that specializes in working with authors serving the CBA market for Christian books. For more information about the firm or connecting with these authors, contact Buoyancy’s Managing Director Joni Sullivan Baker at or 513/319-3231.