death-defied-final-cover-jpg-2 Paul Perkins shares his riveting story in
Death Defied, Life Defined: A Miracle Man’s Memoir


STEELVILLE, Missouri  – Sept. 16, 2016 — In Missouri, the first leaves are falling, pumpkins are appearing and temperatures are starting to cool.  Fall officially arrives next week. The season change nudges Americans to a mindset change as well, turning thoughts to fall activities and approaching holidays, including Thanksgiving.

Paul Perkins might tell you that for him every day is Thanksgiving.

The Missouri banker and businessman’s hearty enthusiasm for life and thankfulness to God is better understood when you hear his story:  Perkins knows what it feels like to die—twice–and come back to tell the tale.

After decades of battling heart disease, Perkins underwent a double transplant – heart and kidney – at Mayo Clinic in 2014. He died at least two medically confirmed times and now has a unique view of life, and afterlife.

He tells the dramatic story of that illness leading to a rare double organ heart and kidney transplant in his recently released award-winning memoir, Death Defied, Life Defined: A Miracle Man’s Memoir.

His experiences radically changed his view of life and of God.

“Before my illness, I was strong, independent, and confident,” says Perkins. “But with a few changes in my body, and one devastating diagnosis, I learned how fragile life really is — and how quickly one’s fortune can change.”

“I am literally thankful for every day God has given me and seek to share my story to give others hope.”

At age thirty-one, Perkins was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and myofiber disarray, diseases of the heart. This was the first step of a long journey that led to his eventual double organ transplant, and left him a changed man. Perkins learned many lessons about God’s faithfulness and love during these times.

Perkins reminds us that we are never guaranteed tomorrow, and too often we take this life for granted. No matter what trials we face, God is faithful to us — even when we fail to put Him first.

“The order of my priorities was family, self, and career. Today, my priority is putting my faith in Jesus into action — spreading the good word about God’s love, caring for my family, and helping others,” says Perkins.

Perkins’ experience with life, illness, and even death left him a changed man. Now, he offers up the lessons he learned in the hope that no one takes this life for granted.

“We get one shot at life on earth, and we are supposed to do something meaningful with it. Something that honors God and his son, Jesus Christ. Something inspired by the Holy Spirit. Something that serves our fellow man. We are meant to fulfill a purpose greater than ourselves.”

Today Perkins inspires audiences in churches and organizations around the country with his uplifting message: “Never give up.”

He also urges people to consider organ donation to give others a chance at new life.

Perkins and his co-author, Anita Agers Brooks, often speak and interview together. Brooks, a living organ donor who donated a kidney in 1997, provide both sides of the organ transplant experience.

Brooks is also an award-winning author of multiple books, and an international speaker, business coach, and life coach.

Death Defied, Life Defined [ISBN 978-1-942557-38-8] was recently released by Clovercroft Publishing. It is available from Amazon and other online retailers and selected book stores. For more about the book, visit

Recently, the book received a Silver 2016 FAPA President’s Book Award in the Autobiography/Memoir category from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association.

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The national organ donation charity, Donate Life America, has designated November 11-13 as National Donor Sabbath with an initiative to churches and other faith-based communities to promote organ donation awareness and commitments. More information is available at