CINCINNATI – June 23, 2014 – Refreshed Christian Media Distribution announces its launch as a new service to assist Christian projects with spreading the word about their activities. Refreshed Christian Media Distribution distributes news releases about ministries, authors and speakers to Christian media interested in their stories.

Refreshed Christian Media Distribution’s online portal provides 24/7 access to upload a news release for distribution to more than 1,000 Christian media outlets including radio and TV programs and stations, new organizations, print publications, internet radio and websites. The news is distributed to the journalists who produce news and programs that help Christians grow in their faith, and report news on ministries. The list was custom-developed by Christian public relations professionals experienced in working with this media and is updated, or refreshed, on an ongoing basis to keep clients in touch with the constantly changing Christian media world.

In addition, the Refreshed Christian Media Distribution staff also continually expands the media list as new programs and stations begin. Services also include distribution of photos and video links, as well as tweeting the news release link.

For more information, visit and email, or call 513/739-3935.