CINCINNATIJune 10, 2015 — Survivor – that’s Sarah Meece, a Cincinnati-area woman who is sharing her life story and the lessons God taught her through times of surviving everything ranging from breast cancer to a murder-for-hire plot.

Even before these facing those challenges, Sarah had experienced other devastating experiences in her lifetime: the death of her mother when she was just 13, and a traumatic divorce.

Today a speaker and author, Sarah shares with audiences her journey through these experiences, telling the stories that always point to God’s faithfulness in the face of heartbreak, disease, and even through terrifying experiences that nearly cost her life and the life of her son.

Sarah was an award-winning teacher and single mom when the most dramatic of these stories started with a decision to attend her high school class reunion.

Becoming reacquainted with a high school sweetheart soon led to romance and a seemingly bright future.  But when nagging doubts convinced Sarah that marriage was a mistake, her fiancé’s response to the breakup led to unspeakable violence, ultimately involving the FBI, Secret Service, ATF Specialist, and the Witness Protection Program.

Sarah’s story of surviving attempted murder and a murder-for-hire plot conveys her unshakable faith in God and provides insights to others. A number of years after that experience, Sarah faced death another time when she received a cancer diagnosis. She is now a breast cancer survivor who helps others walk through times of darkness and challenge, urging them to have hope in God.

The lessons she learned on this journey led to the founding of her speaking and teaching ministry, Sarah Meece Inspires™ and to her book, A DOSE OF HOPE–Devotions for Healing the Heart.

A native of the northern Kentucky in the Cincinnati area, Sarah’s skills as a speaker draw from her outstanding career as an educator. She received numerous awards including being named the recipient of the Milken Family Foundation National Teacher of the Year Award, Ashland Oil Golden Apple Achievement Award, and Outstanding Young Women in America Award.

Today, she travels and speaks nationwide on a variety of topics as a Bible teacher, survivor of violence and abuse, and a cancer survivor. For more information about Sarah’s ministry,  visit