CINCINNATI – Nov. 6, 2015 –As weather turns colder and thoughts move to preparing turkey and family favorites for our nation’s feast day of Thanksgiving, Christian author and speaker Kimberly Atkins challenges women to also prepare their hearts to be thankful and to tap into the power and blessings available to them when they truly give God glory and allow him to act in their lives.

In her just-released first book, Empowering Women To Walk In God’s Glory:A Practical Guide for Real Life Situations, Atkins helps women find the path for walking in God’s glory, the indescribable magnificence of God’s awesome power.

Thanksgiving is a great time, Atkins says, to consider and learn about God’s glory, because when we understand His tremendous power that works on our behalf, we cannot help but be thankful as we ask for His help.

She seeks to help women become “Glory Girls”©, learning to truly operate in the splendor of God’s glory.

“It’s when we ask for God’s glory to be manifested that his glory displaces our human frailties and makes possible what seems to us to be impossible,” Atkins explains.

In her book as she shares stories of her life and others, she outlines and develops The Glory Cycle©, a three-step process based on I Chronicles 16: 28-29: Ascribe, Offer and Worship.

“It is frustrating us when I think about how long we Christians have lived beneath our means as individuals in God’s kingdom, never expecting anything more than what we can achieve on our own strength,” Atkins says. “So many people think they have to put in 80-hour weeks to be productive, not knowing the power and glory that our faith in God brings.”

From the outside, Atkins looks like she has life all together. Raised in a Christian home, Atkins attended a nationally ranked high school, and won a scholarship to college. She married a Christian man, and has been blessed with three children, in addition to a satisfying career working for a major Fortune 500 consumer products corporation.

But she has had her share of life’s challenges and heartache.

She had to work hard to believe in herself enough to not only go to college, but to achieve a chemical engineering degree. As a girl she doubted her value, but by the time she got into an engineering program and a respected professor advised her to consider another major, Atkins had experienced enough of God’s glory to continue in faith to achieve her goals.

Atkins has also experienced healing from a debilitating disease doctors told her she would just have to live with, and faced chronic medical problems with her daughter.

Another child was diagnosed with dyslexia. After years of trying various medical and educational interventions, nothing seemed to work. Her son couldn’t read effectively or tie his shoes until middle school. Today, that son is in college and is succeeding, she says, not because of any tutoring or medicines, but because of God’s power and glory.

She and her family lived outside New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit, and were forced to evacuate and face the loss of their home. Living in a community that was more than three-quarters destroyed by the hurricane, one of Atkins’ faith-building experiences was the deliverance God gave her and her family, not through anything they deserved, but through his grace.

Today, she faces challenges with a firm grip on her value in God’s Kingdom, a “Glory Girl” © who challenges other women to also link into God’s glory and walk in it.

“I want women to tap into God and expect him to manifest his glory in any situation. Wherever you are in life, if you have a son with a drug problem or a daughter with an eating disorder, God’s glory is for you. Ask God and he can transform any situation,” she says.

“Whether I’m in the annual season of Thanksgiving or not, I’m so thankful for the privilege and gift we have from God to call on Him, and enjoy the supernatural possibilities He provides. That’s walking in His glory.”

And that power is available any time of year, not just in the season of giving thanks.

A Bible teacher, Atkins speaks for Christian women’s groups and for more than 20 years has served as director of women’s ministries for her local church. For more information about Atkins’ speaking ministry, visit

Empowering Women To Walk In God’s Glory: A Practical Guide for Real Life Situations is available in hardcover (ISBN 978-1-5127-0885-1) and softcover (ISBN 978-1-5127-0886-8,) from select book stores and Amazon. An e-version is also available. Published by WestBow Press.

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